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Acoustics and Diagnostic of Materials and Structures
(Ref. TEP-232)
August 2020
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Information about the group

ADIME is a consolidated group of theBuilding Engineering Schoolof the University of Granada, whose research focuses on the diagnosis of materials and structures through mechanical tests and non-destructive methods (NDT) with vibroacoustic techniques (acoustic emission, ultrasound and vibrations).  The group conducts research and transference of multidisciplinary knowledge on the border between Materials and Structures, Physics, Electronics and Signal Processing. It has 4 active doctors, 2 researchers in training and solidcollaborations with different departments and companies.

Fields of application

  • Wood. Poplar wood.
  • FRP composite materials (polymers reinforced with fiber): carbon and basalt.
  • Reinforced concrete structures subject to earthquakes.
  • Printed circuit boards.

Main projects in progress

COMPOP project. Development of new poplar wood hybrid products / composite materials. Funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain (BIA2017-82650-R) and CDTI in collaboration with the poplar wood transformation company INDUSTRIAS MONZÓN XXI and the Institute of Agricultural Research and Training of Andalusia (IFAPA).

DIMFO project. Advanced hysteretic energy dampers with recentering and shape memory properties: development, damage monitoring and implementation strategies in the market (DIMFO). Funded by the Junta de Andalucía in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Reference: P12-TEP-2429.

Technological services

  • Monitoring of structures using the Acoustic Emission method.
  • Reinforcement and repair of wooden structures using carbon fiber composites.
  • Assesing wood quality of standing trees by with ultrasound.

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