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Acoustics and Diagnostic of Materials and Structures
(Ref. TEP-232)
marzo 2019
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Motivation and proposal

In many occasions it is necessary to retrofit or repair wooden structural elements, either by an extension of its structural responsibility, or by its deterioration over time. This is usually carried out by additional high strength materials. In particular, metal elements have traditionally been used. However, this has certain disadvantages:

  • Large time during the intervention. 
  • Complex execution.
  • Increase in the weight of the structure.
  • Limited durability.

As an alternative, the group has developed and verified different retrofitting and repair layouts for wooden structures using carbon fiber elements.  


Main experimental results

  • The carrying capacity of the original element can be increased with reinforcement up to 150%.
  • The rigidity of the original element can be increased by up to 82%.
  • With certain reinforcement layouts a very important increase in ductility occurs.
  • It is possible to completely recover the load capacity of broken original elements, and even increase it by up to 130%.


Services offered

  • Application of reinforcement in laboratory or on site.
  • Design and advice of the most suitable reinforcement solutions for each situation.
  • Put in contact with the suppliers of reinforcement material and resins.
  • Choice of materials.
  • Follow-up of the solutions applied on site.
  • Control of the correct execution of the reinforcement in the wooden elements.
  • Technicians training.
  • Possibility of carrying out R&D&I on particular solutions proposed by the client.


Example of on-site action 

  • Intervention carried out on the cover of the MADOC Headquarters, General Captaincy Building, located in Granada. Company in charge: Dávila Restoration of Monuments.
  • Reinforcement of a beam of 3380 mm in length with a critical crack in the traction zone.
  • Only part of the false ceiling had to be broken to access the roof.
  • The total execution time was only 7 days.
  • The reinforcement was executed only by 2 technicians.
  • Subsequent periodic inspections have verified the effectiveness of the solution.


Publications of the group  

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